Tull Clancey

Hi, I'm currently trying to write an app to send data to an RF portable,

I've found some samples, I think they came from Microsoft some time ago. I
have a simple server and client application, I've modified the client app to
run on the portable, which it does, but the portable hangs for around 12
seconds before any TCP connection is made. If I run the same code on a PC
the connection is instant.

The app appears to hang here....

Client = New TcpClient("", PORT_NUM)
Client.GetStream.BeginRead(ReadBuffer, 0, READ_BUFFER_SIZE, AddressOf
DoRead, Nothing)

DoRead is the incomming data routine.

Sending data back and forth is instant, there are no problems there, it's
just the time it takes to connect that is the problem. I can't open the
connection when the application starts as users may be roaming out of radio
reception causing all sorts of connection problems.

I need to open the connection, send data, receive data, then close the

Can anyone help with the speed issue?


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