slow to open Access XP over the network



I have several Access XP files located on two W2K servers. Most files are FE
with dsn-less links to SQL tables. There are a couple of files that have
Access BE. I have Windows XP and am able to open the Access files just fine
when I navigate to the files via My Computer.

However, W2K clients are having delays in opening the files. During this
delay, the network drive freezes. They have the most current Office and
windows updates installed.

What works:
1. If they open the db file using a shortcut located on their desktop
2. If they open Access program first and then do the File | Open

What doesn't work:
1. If they navigate to the network drive and open the db file that way

Other Office XP files like word and excel opens fine every time. We have
the latest MDAC and Jet SPs.

Anyone know the solution to this?


Does the shortcut open access on the local pc first and then open the
front end on the u drive eg "c:\programfiles\ofice\msaccess.exe" then
the front end mdb is passed as a parameter?

I don't think so. I just right click on the original file and drag it to
the desktop and choose "create shortcuts here"...In the shortcut tab of the
shortcut properties, it has the target being "O:\databases\database.mdb"
Remember, by clicking on the file on the U: drive you then have all
sorts of extra traffic as messages are sent back and forward to open
access, then open ur mdb.

Sounds like u mayhave a network problem as well, are all the XP boxes
collected in one part of the network?

The users have their mdb files located in one server...and there are other
mdb files located on another server. It happens in both servers.

If I browse through a network folder and just go up and down the non-Access
files, I'm fine. However, once I click on an mdb file, the folder locks up.
It takes a min for it to get unlock. This happens with any mdb file (even
the ones that are stand alone - with no link tables).

Wonder what happened that caused this. Unfortunately, I dont know when this
happens because most people use their shortcuts to get to the mdb files. And
I have XP so I never got the problem.



ugh...never's my antivirus that is slowing things down. I guess it
scans the files when you click on it...that's why it's slow to open when you
click on the original file. If you go through the shortcut, nav doesn't scan.

crazy. guess i have to call nav to see if there is a workaround.

Thanks for everyone's help! I'll look into having everyone have a copy of
the mdb on their HD, not U drive.


np. Actually, I guess it's an issue with one of NAV's settings. By default,
NAV on the client computer is set to scan the network drive (therefore, if
you click on a file on a network drive, it will scan before opening). If the
file server already has nav, client computers don't need this setting. So
you can just uncheck this box so the client won't scan the network drive.

That solves the problem.

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