Slow Start in one of DC in a dual DC AD site



Here we have a small lan network with about 30-40 pcs and
a single AD domain. There are 2 domain controllers in
which one is the PDC while the other acts as a backup and
running as a time server. Both are running DNS.

It runs smoothly for about 9 months, until one day we
shutdown both machine for Maintenance (Just
reboot and restart, no other things have been done).
Then the backup DC server started booting up slow since.
The message of "Preparing Newtork" stays about 30 mins
before the logon screen shows up.

Any thought on this one ?




Dave Shaw [MVP]

Perhaps ....

Each DC's DNS resolver should be pointed to the other DC for registration
purposes - and then to itself. IOW -each DC should have two records in it's
DNS client settings - one for the other DC (primary) and the other for
itself )secondary).





The event log just as normally with

the following items shown:

- Hardware start
- 1st item in event log: "event service starts"
- ... n item stated "active directory starts.." (at this time the message box
'preparing network connections' displays on screen and idle
- ... n+1 item (appears 30 min later) "active diectory completed xxx"
upon this point the login screen finally shows on screen

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