Slow response time


Shaun Pillay

Hi Everyone,

We have recently completed a network project that consists of Windows 2000
professional clients, Mac OS 9 clients a Windows 2000 Server DC and a
Windows Server 2003 file server. At the moment, all works fine except that
users that are running the Mac's are complaining of very slow response time
when they try to access files or folders on the Windows Server 2003 server.
Network speeds, packets etc have been analysed and all looks okay.

Any other suggestions that I could look at?

Many thanks in advance.




Shaun Pillay

Great, thanks William. I will give this a try.

William Smith said:
Hi Shaun!

Can you tell if your Macs are connecting via Appletalk or TCP/IP? TCP/IP
should be much faster.

You can force a TCP/IP connection by opening the Chooser, selecting the
AppleShare icon, clicking the IP Address button and entering either an
IP address or server name. If this fails, then you're Macs are probably
connecting via AppleTalk and you'll need to troubleshoot your IP problem.

To quickly check the method your Macs are using, mount a server volume
on the Mac, select it and choose File --> Get Info. It will tell you you
either have an Appletalk or TCP/IP connection.

Hope this helps! bill




We are having a problem here also. One of my networks has approx 25 devices,
12 PC's running XP2, 7 Mac's OSX 10.3.9, the rest are printers. The server is
a PC (1.8ghz) running Win2k4. This system has been working fine for two
years. A month ago I was able to upgrade the Macs to G5 OSX 10.3.9. Since the
upgrade, first the Macs then the PCs are experincing a three to five minute
hesitation when interacting with the server, with the exception of logging
on, which is normal. Even the printers are beginning to demonstrate a
hesitation. The hesitation occures when they try to copy files to or from the
server, when they do searches on the server, and when they work on a file
stored on the server.

Everyone is connected at 100mb with a new Netgear switch. During peak times
the switch show only 10% usage rates across the network. Spanning tree
protocol is shutoff. And all the Cat5 cable has been tested. We use the
server as a shared drive, having three physical drives, one 120gb, two 80gb.
I have the Macs logging on through AFP. I have defragged all the drives with
no improvement on that hesitation. Reviewing the logs show nothing to
indicate what the problem(s) might be. I am currently at a loss as to what
might be causing the delays. It seems as thought something has to timeout
first before allowing the “action†to continue. Any Ideas?

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