Slide show still skipping slides



My slide show is skipping 2 slides. At one point before it was only
skipping one slide. I have moved both of those slide in their oreder of
viewing, That's the only thing I can think of that common between them, but I
think I may have moved other slides as well and the rest of the show is
working fine.

I received two relies to my last help question about the slide being skipped
and they both said to download a program from office live, which I did, and
they refer to the same answer, that the problem is probably due to the fact
that I have no text on the page, but in fact both of these pages are mostly
text and I have a couple of other pages that are graphics only and they go
through the show just fine.

Can anybody help me?

Thank you


Did you see the reply John Wilson gave you in your previous thread? Ignore
the software spammer who answered you.
And please stay in the same thread so it will be easier to follow for all of


Problem is solved, thank you. It turns out that there is a feature to hide
slides that I was not aware of and they are now visible in the show.

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