Skip used mailing labels........



I created a mailing label DB and used the code for "HOW TO: Skip Used
Mailing Labels and Print Duplicates in Access 2000" obtained from Microsoft

It all worked great until I placed a sheet with 28 missing labels and one
full sheet in the printer. I wanted to print 4 copies of one label. When I
was promped by the program I entered 28 missing labels and 4 copies. The
program went hog wild and wanted to print page after page of 28 blank labels
and two copies of my label at the bottom of every page.

I don't quite understand the code I received from microsoft, but I tried
many things that I thought might correct the problem with no results. Has
anyone else experienced this problem and is there a fix??????

Your help would be appreciated.



I know this does not answer the specific issue that you are
experiencing, but I thought this information may be of use to you.

It is not normally a recommended practice to run a sheet of labels
through a laser printer more than once. Running a sheet through a
laser printer multiple times increases the likelihood of a jam. The
jam is normally due to adhesive oozing onto the print rollers / fuser
and the fact that the layflat characteristic of standard laser
material diminishes each time the sheet is run through the printer.

Dave Carmany

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