Size of Inline Frames



Is there a way to set the length of an inline frame so it matches up with how
long the page in the inline frame actually is. I know you can set the length
and width of the inline frame but that is not going to be the same length for
each page.

I am trying to stick a phpbb forum into the inline frame and eliminate the
scoll bars with the inline frame for looks reasons. I made the inline frame
100% of the table which solves the width problem, but if I set the length to
100% it only goes as far as the table goes obviously. I can set the inline
frame to be a certain length but it looks bad on the pages that aren't very

Any Suggestions?

Thanks guys!



Thomas A. Rowe

Not unless you are going to dynamically generate the page with service-side script, then you could
set the side of the IFrame.

Thomas A. Rowe (Microsoft MVP - FrontPage)
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