Single instance application



Our client made a Vb.Net application which is configured to start as a Single
instance application. Calling this application a second time with a specific
command line argument will execute the requested operation.

But whenever another .Net application that uses .Net remoting is open at the
same time the operation descripbed above does not work. We can see the
second instance starting for a second and closing but the first instance does
not react as if the call to the event handler StartupNextInstance was not
being made. When we close the application using .Net remoting everything
goes back to normal.

Anybody would know what is going on here?
How does the two instance communicate with each other? And how another
application would interfere with it.

Cor Ligthert [MVP]


For this are more possibilities, the simplest is with the mutex however if
that is done here we cannot see ofcourse.


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