Single application to profile the performance of .net applications



Hi All,

I am in the process of building a generic performance profiler. I know
I can take in a dll as input and take the usual Stopwatch approach to
profile the response times of methods in that dll. But this is very
basic stuff. I am willing to use third party api(or do some code on my
own too) to extract whatever useful information I can lay my hands on
from that dll. I want to know everything that makes it slow. I want to
know about it's memory leaks. Anything at all that would help me find
bottlenecks of the application. I'd want similar approach to find
expensive db operations. But all this, under one application.

So what approach do you suggest? Which tools can I bring under my
umbrella so that I can use them in my project?

I want to make a 'single' application that will take generic inputs
like dlls, can also take input as source code tree(solution,
projects, .cs files) and emit out results in the form of response
times, identifying bottlenecks, memory leaks, etc.

Have been huge help earlier. Anticipating the same now too.

Thanks a bunch.

- Vaibhav


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