Simplest remote site setup


Mike Sapsara

We recently upgraded a simple NT4 domain to win2k. I have 2 remote
sites connected by VPN and would like to avoid putting local domain
controllers out at the sites because there are only a handful of users
at each site, and all resources are at the HQ location anyhow.

The problem is, users at the remote sites are getting event log errors
indicating that they cannot find the domain controller, or that they
can't determine the user or computer name. I think the problem is
that they have a local DHCP server and DNS server, probably running on
BSD, and therefore can't register like if they were pointing to the DC
for primary DNS.

Can I have them point to the HQ DNS/DC/AD host as their primary DNS
but still have a local (to their site) DNS ?

This seems like it should be a more common setup, but I have searched
extensively on Google Groups and can't find the info I'm looking for.

I don't have much AD experience, having left Windows adminning when it
was still NT.


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