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I am a novice access user, and I'm trying to make something simple.

I am trying to make a absence list for my employees.

I have a list of employees and a list of absence codes.
Each emplyee have a unique number, and the actual list is no problem.

The problem is that I want each employee to 'log on' to the database
with their emplyee number and only be able to edit and access their
own data.

I have a list of around 1200 emplyees in Excel right now.

Any tips on how I can do this without too much fuzz? No need for this
to be bulletproof, just a simple thing to limit access for all but the



Tom van Stiphout

On Wed, 7 Apr 2010 05:36:11 -0700 (PDT), atledreier

One simple way is to ask Windows who is logged in to the computer:
Then compare the result with a list of supervisor login names. You
could have them in a table and use DLookup to find out if the current
user is in the list.
If the answer is no, you can use DoCmd.Quit to close the application
for this unapproved user.

Microsoft Access MVP


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