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Mihajlo Cvetanovic


I would like to change the behavior of msgina like this:

- There is no way to login without the smart card.
- Upon insert of smart card my dialog appears, user inserts the data,
mygina obtains user name, password and domain, passes them to msgina,
msgina do all the ordinary stuff.
- Change password dialog should be intercepted to change the data in
smart card too.

I know how to work with smart cards, but I fear that I must make full
gina, so those are my questions: Is this possible with gina stub? Is
there an example of similar gina stub? If not, is there a code for msgina?




Mihajlo Cvetanovic

Ronald said:
Just as a note, I believe your first bullet is already possible using domain
Thanks for the tip, it might be a good idea to leave the standard
means to log into computer.

Any other comment, anyone?

Mihajlo Cvetanovic

arkadyf said:
You have two examples on Platform SDK : GinaStub and GinaHook
in the directory Microsoft SDK\samples\winbase\security\winnt
Unbelievable! I actually searched for gina hook on, and found nothing. Thanks for the pointer,
who knows when/if I would think of Platform SDK myself.


Yes , the search engine of MS need serious improvement for sure :)



Gary Chanson

arkadyf said:
Yes , the search engine of MS need serious improvement for sure :)
That's because MS has "improved" it to the point which it doesn't
ork. ];-)


-Software Consultant (Embedded systems and Real Time Controls)
(e-mail address removed)

-War is the last resort of the incompetent.



Ronald Laeremans [MSFT]

Use google and add "" (without the quotes) to your search
term. or use the google toolbar which has an option to search MS related
sites only.

We are working furiously on fixing the MS search, until that happens I
wouldn't bother with it.


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