Simple Adding/Subtraction and format of cell. - HELP!!!



Hi Everyone,

I am having a bit of problem wit subtraction.

if Cell A1 = 100 and Cell B1 = 500, C1 = A1 - B1 will return - 400. I
don't want to see any negative sign infront of the result.

I have list of numbers in Columns A1:A50, Columns B1:B50 and C1:C50
will have my result of A - B. Not all cells in Column A have greater
value than Column B.

1. I just want the difference in positive numbers. How do I do that?

2. if my cell has numbers in custom format of [mm]. How do I change
them into normal numbers without them being changed to some weird date

Thank you for your help in advance!





David Biddulph

1. =ABS(A1-B1)
2. If you want the number of minutes, use =A1*24*60 and format as General or
Number, not as date or time.

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