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Has anyone experienced this and hopefully come up with a solution. I have
an admin support that enters appointments in a Public Folder calendar, for
customers a year in advance, when they come to see her. I.e. If a customer
comes for an appointment on Jan 4th, 2009, she books them another one for Jan
6th, 2010.

However, she has now noticed that for at least two months worth of
appointments Dec/Jan 2010 at least, most of the appointments have disappeared
and merged with the 2009 appointment and become the "End Time". I.e.
Appointment for Jane Doe Jan 4th, 2009 should have one entry and then a
completely seperate entry Jan 6th, 2010. Instead the seperate 2010 entry is
gone and the original 2009 entry when opened, shows the original entry's
"Start Time" of Jan 4th, 2009 but then "End Time" is Jan 6th, 2010. So the
end result is one year long appointment instead of two seperate. I can't
seem to find anything on the exchange server or desktop error wise, however
that doesn't mean there wasn't, since this could have happened months ago and
she is only now realizing problems.

*Note I have confirmed by watching her enter appointments that she didn't
make an error and accidently enter the End time herself. She moves to the
appropriate 2010 calendar month and does the entry. Appointments that have
been realized and re-entered on the 2010 dates have now stayed put as

Does anyone know what might cause this or better yet a way to undo it and
move the now "End Times" back to their original positions?


Diane Poremsky [MVP]

I have never heard of outlook doing that - although if you sync with
handheld devices, it might be possible. To fix you'll need to fix each one
individually - copy the appointment first if you need to keep the
appointment on the old date and the new one.

Diane Poremsky [MVP - Outlook]
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