Signature files - Outlook 2003 versus 2007


F W Green

We are using a 3rd party tool, ADOLSIGN, to populate a single RTF signature
file at time of log in, into the user's folder of:
docs & settings\user\application data\microsoft\signatures.

Outlook 2003 on XP Pro would take the RTF file that we put there (RTF is our
standard mail format) and create the HTM or TXT formats when a non-RTF note
was be replied to.

In Outlook 2007 on Vista Business, the RTF file is being placed in:
users\user\appdata\roaming\microsoft\signatures. This is happening using
the same log in script and ADOLSIGN command line.

At one point, new messages were getting this signature even though I could
not find a place where it is to be set. Now, with my tweaking (fiddling), I
am not getting a signature for new or replies.

I have searched through all possible settings in Outlook OPTIONS to activate
use of the signature file, but I have not been successful.

Any direction on how to do this properly would be most appreciated.


Diane Poremsky {MVP}

tools, options, mail format, signatures...

** Please include your Outlook version, Account type, and Windows Version
when requesting assistance **

F W Green

I have gone to Tools, Options, Mail Format, Signatures.

The file that we have placed into the folder that this refers to
(users\user\appdata\roaming\microsoft\signatures) contains the file that we
placed there with ADOLSIGN, but the Outlook GUI does not show it as

I know this is the correct folder because I created a new signature, pasted
in the contents of my RTF file and selected it as my new/reply signature.
When I looked for the file created through the NEW signature process, my
ADOLSIGN file was there along with the new one just created.

Now, I am trying to determine how to get Outlook to see that file since the
drop down list for selecting a signature does not see it.

Outlook 2007 connecting to Exchange 2003 on
Vista Business


Roady [MVP]

The signature has to be in htm-format in order to be picked up by the
signature picker. Placing a txt-file or an rtf-file there does nothing.

F W Green

Thank you; that helps very much.

However, it does raise another question.
In Outlook 2003 with a RTF format for email and a RTF signature file,
Outlook would create an HTM or TXT file when a message of that format was
being replied to.

Does Outlook 2007 do similar creations of RTF and TXt signature files when
HTM is the default format?

F Green

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