Sidekick 98... get it while it's hot! :)


Henry The Mole

Hello, Maureen!
You wrote on Sun, 24 Aug 2003 07:43:49 -0700:

M> Hi, Henry! First, what is Sidekick? Second, is there an English
M> language area of your website that I managed to miss?

Sidekick is an excellent organizer and PIM released by Starfish some years
ago and now freeware: some people ask for a link to download it few days
ago, so I decided to upload my copy and make it available.

The Mole Zone has just an italian language area at the moment, but I'm
planning to translate it in english... don't know when... :p

Best regards.

Fanman Uk

Please tell me where I can download it.

HK Chang

Appart from Henry the mole's kind upload (see Original Post), I know
of no current download sites:blush:(. The programs have all been released
on cover disks (at least in the UK).

Fanman Uk.

To reply by email remove the "fanman."
Oct 3, 2013
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Hi Guys
I have been using sidekick since DOS age and till Win XP it worked perfectly but now Windows 7 or 8, I am stuck up.
Can anybody guide me how to install Sidekick 98 or 99 on Win 7?
Will highly appreciate for your help.
Altaf Hong Kong

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