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Hi there.
On my PCs (on a home network) when we shut down, we go Start > Turn Off
Computer then there's a window with 3 buttons, Standby, Restart, Turn Off.
Why does my friend's laptop (on a home network too) have a window that has
drop-down menu with the above options instead.
Not crutial but curious

Doug Knox MS-MVP

This is determined by whether or not you're using the Welcome Screen. If you are, you get what you see. If not, you get what your friend sees.


That's controled by the usage of the Welcome Screen.
If you use the 'friendly welcome screen', it uses the bubbly iconic buttons
for the dialogs. If you use the Windows 2000-style logon box, it also uses
the Windows 2000-style shutdown dialogs.

In addition, if you have fast user switching on, you get iconic switch user
dialog if you chose "log off" from the start menu. Otherwise you get a
normal dialog confirming you wish to close all programs and log off.

You can change these settings in the User Accounts applet in Control Panel.
Just click the action link "Change how users log on and off."


Vincent Xu [MSFT]

Hi JB,

I agree with Doug & Shawn that it was caused by the Welcome Screen.

For more information, you can refer to following article:

291559 How to change the logon window and the shutdown preferences in
Windows XP;EN-US;291559

Hope this helps.

Best regards,

Vincent Xu
Microsoft Online Partner Support

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