Shutdown Oracle via svrmgr before reboot



I need to run a database sutdown program when a reboot is
issued on a windows 2000 server. Some automated updates
require a reboot, and the data base needs to be
recovered, if not shut down cleanly. Any clues??




Clue one, Ask you Oracle DBA for the authority and tools to do as you have
asked! Depending on what services the Oracle DB is providing and to whom,
it may not be wise to shut it down at your convience. Unless you have
another job lined up.
Clue two, You do not have to do a reboot immediately after updates have been
done! That is why you are given an option to do it later. Like durning
the scheduled maintenance cycle.
Clue three, You need to get to know your local ODBA or who ever claims
authority over that ulcer! The Oracle software not counting the
applications cost more than your server. The assurance of its flawless
functioning could be critical to its owner during segments of the month.
Financial types get real unreasonable when something unexpected happens
during their crunch times.
Clue four, You will need the Oracle administrator passwords to shut down the
ODB. If you have access to them and have to ask on a board "How to do it"
then you better keep your resume current, and your references from your
prior job on good terms.
Clue five, Your local or remote ODBA can handle all shut downs remotely with
a phone call! It also would give time for notification to users to stop
what they are doing a get off. It is possible that a user has started a
process that might take a while to complete before they can exit. A logical
shutdown is the best. The ODBA may even have a backup running when you have
an itch to reboot. Scratching your itch could make a difficult ODBA problem
one only Jesus could solve.
Clue six, When in doubt call the ODBA that is why he/ she is paid the big
bucks. They need the money to pay for the premiums on their increased risk
medical insurance.

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