Shut down hangs




I know that this is a tricky one, but I'm at a loss!

When I do Start/Turn Off Computer/Turn Off, the following happens:

1. The PC shuts down correctly (v. rarely!)
2. Hangs, at various stages of the shut down sequence (usually either at
Turn Off or saving settings). Also, when I get Task Manager up, I can drag
it around the desktop rendering out the screen as I go!
3. Once it blue-screened (0x00000077), and when I turned it on again it
subsequently switched off OK!?!

Any ideas please?

Cheers! raider57



Leonard Grey

Open the Help and Support Center and search for the Shutdown Troubleshooter.



Wesley Vogel

If you experience slow logoff (with Saving your settings for most of the
time while logging off), you are having profile unload problems.

If you see a lot of Userenv/1517, Userenv/1524 or Userenv/1500 errors in the
Event Viewer, download and install the User Profile Hive Cleanup Service.

This decreased my shutdown time a bunch. Takes any where from 10 to 20
seconds to shutdown.

C:\Program Files\UPHClean\uphclean.exe is added.

The User Profile Hive Cleanup service gets added to Services and
uphclean.exe will run all the time. I am one that doesn't like to have any
extra services running, but I am sold on UPHClean.

Download details: User Profile Hive Cleanup Service

UPHClean v1.6d readme.txt

To automatically install it (you need uphclean-setup.msi):
- Double click the setup.msi

The service is set to automatically start when the computer boots so you
will not need to start it manually.

In fact, this MSKB article recommends:
"To resolve this issue, use the Microsoft User Profile Hive Cleanup Service
(UPHClean). UPHClean monitors the computer while Windows is unloading user
profiles and forces resources that are open to close. Therefore, the
computer can unload and reconcile user profiles."
Troubleshooting profile unload issues

Hope this helps. Let us know.

MS-MVP Windows Shell/User


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