Shrinking a 1.25 sized table to One Page



I'm taking a Word table created by someone else that's fairly complex.
If I drop it into a Word doc, it spills over onto the next page. I've
looked at some formatting options, but none seem to the job in one swell
foop. Is there an auto-way to do it simply?
Wayne Watson (Watson Adventures, Prop., Nevada City, CA)

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Solid waste produced to generate electricity per person
over a lifetime:
Nuclear power -- 2 pounds in a coke can
Fossil (coal) fuel -- 68.5 tons in six 12-ton RR cars

-- Power to Save the World, Gwyneth Cravens

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Terry Farrell

If it is just a one-pages document, you can use the shrink-to-fit option. If
the table is part of a long document, then you'll have to change it
manually. The obvious choices are to adjust the font sizes and line spacing.
But make sure that the row height isn't set to a Fixed or At Least size.
Check the Cell border size too. When you adjust the font size, changing the
column widths may also help too.

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