showing deleted rows in DataGridView



Hi all,

I need to display DataRows with RowState.Deleted inside
DataGridView, in a way that such rows have strikethrough font. Here
is the screenshot how it should look like:

The screenshot is from some unrelated C++ application with closed
source, I want to achieve similar thing in .NET/WinForms.

Any idea on how to do this? I tried setting DataRowView.Visible to
true but then I realized DataRows with RowState.Deleted are not
loaded to DataGridView at all. Do I need to customize default data
binding? If so how do I customize DataGridView<-->DataSet
data binding?

If somebody is curious, deleted rows need to be displayed because app
synchronizes with remote data via XML web service. Customer needs to
be able to accept or reject changes made by someone else, so he
needs to see deleted rows during review process.

-- Zeljko


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