Showing cc names in 'To' column


James Smart

When I receive mail as a 'cc', my name does not appear in the 'To' column.
As I have more than one mail ID, I cannot tell quickly for which mail ID it
is for. Likewise for a 'bcc' entry, a message 'undisclosed recipient' appears
- just as unhelpful. Any suggestions?

Gary VanderMolen

The easiest solution is to have your Windows Mail display the name of
the account that downloaded that message. In the message list pane,
right-click on any column header (like Subject), select Columns, then
add the Account column.

Another solution is to upgrade to Windows Live Mail, because it
automatically sorts incoming mail into different account inboxes.


I thought the reason why people like me send emails to 'undisclosed
recipient' and 'bcc' is to stop the email addresses being put about to all
and sundry accessing addresses and helps to stop spamming. For example if I
am sending my brother an email and copying someone else in, he would not
appreciate me publishing his email address to the other person(s). Also I
believe in answer to your question about the 'cc', high light the address and
press control F3 to read the addresses.

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