Show select table entries based on yes/no checkbox answers



Ok here's my dilemma, shortest version: I have a report written by someone
else who is now gone. It was SUPPOSED to separate nurses by specialty (there
are 10) which were identified by yes/no checkboxes, attached in a query to
another table with the specialty titles similar to but not the same as the
check box names (so for example te checkbox is called "patient assess" and
the specialty title is "Adult Patient Assessment"). There's no specific
association between the titles and check box names however. Long story short
this obviously doesn't work. I either get specialty titles with no names or
all the nurses names without specialty titles.

So anyway I created a query where all the "specialty titles" are associated
with every nurses name (so each nurse shows up 10 times; once for each
specialty title). In another query I have all the specialty checkboxes as
fields filtered so that a nurses name will only show up if one or more is
checked off. What I CAN'T get to happen is to show only the specialty titles
associated with checked off checkboxes (so if even one check box is selected,
the nurses name still shows up 10 times, once for each specialty title
associated to her in the query).

Is there a function where under the specialty title column in the query I
can associate the titles to the checkboxes so that it will only show each
specific title if the associated checkbox is selected (so if "patient assess"
checkbox is selected, only "Adult Patient Assessment" row of data will show
up in the query)? If the nurse selected 1 checkbox her name shows up one time
with that title, and if she selects all ten boxes her name shows up 10 times
with each associated title. Am I making sense? I admit Access is kind of
foreign to me and I'm feeling it out as best I can but I don't know if I'm
succeeding very well. Any help would be appreciated.

P.S. Ok that wasn't short at all Sorry.


I created a query where all the "specialty titles" are associated with
every nurses name (so each nurse shows up 10 times;
You did not join the tables in the query so you get a Cartesian effect (The
number of records in one table is multiplied by the number of records in the
other table.).

Build a translation table between checkboxes and titles. Then use the three
tables joined in your query.

If you need more help/explaination then post your table structures show
field names and data type. Post sample data.

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