Hi All,

i know this has been asked before but without a solution

VS2005 pro (Full)
PPC 2003 (Device)
PPC 2003se (Device)
WM 5.0 (Device)

k here it goes

i've build an app and now i'm creating the shortcuts for the app using
File System of the device cab project,

under Programs Folder i create a shortcut to my app this work fine once
deployed and installed,

then under the windows folder i create a directory Help and right click
and create new shortcut i see it fine till here.

now when i deploy the app and install it, it always creates my help
file shortcut in the \Windows directory not in the \Windows\Help

here is what i've tried as fare as inf files
original file created by VS 2005


Shortcuts=0,%CE2%\Start Menu


this doesn't work always put myhelpfile shortcut into \Windows "Grrrr"
myapp shortcut works fine "Yheeeeee"

then i tried the old way with this in the inf file and using BuildCabs
bat file


Shortcuts=0,%CE2%\Start Menu



still the same result
this doesn't work. always put myhelpfile shortcut into \Windows
myapp shortcut works fine "Yheeeeeeeeee"

doesn't look like rocket science to me...
i'm i missing something here or... i should change my day job
like i said i've tried to install the app on all different devices i
have and same problem

any help or guidance would be greatly appreciated

thank you

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