Shortcut Question 2003/2007


G Whyman

Is it possible to create a shortcut to a public folder(pf) contact list and
have the shortcut displayed as a subfolder of contacts in the individual
users mailbox? When the public folder is updated I would like the local copy
to also be updated. Others have suggested dragging the pf contact list up but
this appears to create a shared copy and does not sync when the pf is
changed. If this is not possible does anybody have any suggestions.

Thank you for taking the time to read this posting.

Roady [MVP]

Adding it to your Personal Folder Favorites will do the trick. Once accessed
there, it should also show in your Contacts Navigation. Same goes for
Calendars in Public Folders.

G Whyman

Thanks for the response, never used Personal Folder Favorites before, can you
give me a quick idea how to do this please?

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