shift key held down too long



We have a problem with Excel on our laptops at work.
Holding down the SHIFT key alone for more than 8 seconds puts th
keyboard in a different mode. The keys no longer function as the
should. The only way out is to close the file without saving an
How can I prevent this? Is there a way to turn off this option o
setting the timeframe for longer than 8 seconds? How can I "undo" thi
function if it is accidentally activated?
Please help!
Emily Nghiem<br>
(e-mail address removed)<br>
(e-mail address removed)
NOTE: Since this problem is so baffling and troublesome, why is no
posted anywhere on any of the Excel help sites



Peo Sjoblom

What do you mean by "The keys no longer function as they should"?



Debra Dalgleish

This is a Windows setting, not an Excel setting:

From the Start button in the Windows Taskbar, choose Control Panel
Double-click Accessibility Options
On the Keyboard tab, click the Settings buttons, and change the options

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