Sharing Printer on XP Home + Win 200 Home Network



I have a friend that has a Win 2000 Pro desktop with an attached printer and
a laptop running XP Home; she has wireless network adapters on each machine
and a wireless gateway; she has no trouble accessing the internet from
either machine. She wants to setup a home network whereby she can access
the printer from her laptop. Now, I don't have no experience with Win
2000 but before I go over to her house and get myself in trouble I thought
I'd list the steps I plan to take and ask if someone can tell me if this
sequence looks OK ... or not.

1. On the Win 2000 Pro machine I will right-click My Computer ... select
Properties ... Network ID tab ... Properties ... set the computer name and
network group name appropriately ... OK ... reboot

2. On the XP Home machine START ... Control Panel ... Network Setup Wizard
.... Next ... Next ... Next ... Next ... set computer description and
computer name ... Next ... set workgroup (same as on Win 2000 Pro machine)
.... Next ... Next ... Next

3. On Win 2000 Pro machine START ... Control Panel ... Printers and Faxes
.... right click the printer attached to Win 2000 Pro machine ... select
Sharing ... check Share this Printer ... Apply

After this I expect to see the printer from the Win XP Home laptop ... is
that correct?

Thanks very much.


You would need to add a users name on the win2000 box to make the user be
"authorised" to gain access to the printer. If the user on notebook was
"Bill Clinton", then you would need to add Bill to the Win2000 box as a
So when you share the printer to Everyone, that includes Bill as well.

The wireless settings should work because the Internet is working.


Thanks for the reply Gary. If the printer is setup for "everyone" I don't
understand why Bill would have to be registered as a user on the Win 2000
box. In any event, not being a 2000 user, I will try to figure out how to
add the XP Home user's name to the Win 2000 system. Thanks again.

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