Sharing Outlook 2002 pst File With 2 Users


Bret Maxwell

I just installed Windows XP. I had been running Office
XP in Windows ME. During the Windows setup, I set up two
user accounts: one for me and one for my wife. I want
us to both be able to access the same outlook.pst file
from either account. Problem is that I can send/receive
from my user account (the first usage of the pst file)
but cannot from her's (the second usage of the pst
file). I've tried putting the file in:

Documents and Settings > My User Acct > Local Settings >
Application Data > Microsoft > Outlook

Documents and Settings > All users > Shared Documents

Documents and Settings > Default User > My documents

etc. Each time, send and receive are only available from
my user account...any ideas? It seems like an ownership
or sharing problem of somekind?!? Help is appreciated!



Jocelyn Fiorello [MVP - Outlook]

As long as you have the .PST file in a shared location, and each instance of
Outlook is pointing to that .PST as the default mail delivery location, you
shouldn't have a problem. I don't know that the send/receive issue is
related to the .PST itself. Are you getting error messages when you attempt
the send/receive? If so, what are they (exact text please)?

Jocelyn Fiorello
MVP - Outlook

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Ketan Vanjara

Also ensure that both the users have full control access
to the PST file.

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