Sharing Favorites and Deploying Policies.


Danny Carroll


I am working on a desktop rollout and we are using WinXP Pro.
There is NO AD or Domain available, all of these machines are
Stand-alone (don't ask).

Two things are giving me problems.

I want to add shared favorites. I tried to put them in the C:\D&S\All
Users\Favorites but this does not work. Anyone know of a fix?
I do NOT want to use the default user if I can help it as these
favorites will change over time. So I want to be able to update them
in one place.

The other thing is policy settings.
If I set these with the group policy editor but it saves it's policies
in the security database. I assume I cannot simply copy these files
between machines so I am looking for a way to save policy settings in
a file and then have them imported into another computer. Any ideas?





not sure whether i understand your question correctly but
i think i hit my head against the same problem yesterday
and found that kb article 158787 "How to Establish a
Common Favorites Folder with Windows NT" was the best
solution i could find. rgds - ovr

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