Sharepoint Designer conflicts



I tried the Beta 2 version of Sharepoint Designer 2007 and it -

(a) stopped PhotoDraw Version 2 "save for web" quality previews from
being seen and stopped images saving at all. Al though Photodraw was
discontinued by MS sometime ago it works fine with Office 2003
including Frontpage 2003.

(b) stopped Outlook sending junk mail messages to the junk mail folder
automatically. The junk mail just sat in the inbox.

As soon as Sharepoin Designer 2007 was uninstalled both these problems
disa ppeared. Are they known problems?

Is ShPD2007 regarded as the natural and sensible replacement for
Frontpage 2003?



Thomas A. Rowe

Beta application should never be installed on production machines.

Thomas A. Rowe
Microsoft MVP - FrontPage
Agents Real Estate Listing Network


They are both known problems.
I have not heard of a solution for PhotoDraw
For Outlook, uninstall the Junk Mail Filter, then use Windows/Office Update
to re-install it.

Which upgrade for FP?
Expression Web for most websites
SharePoint Designer for SharePoint sites.


I have the same problem with Expression Web, but uninstalling it did
not fix the broken Junk Mail Filter. Sorry to appear ignorant, but how
do I uninstall the Junk Mail Filter? Add/Remove Programs for Outlook
in Office 2003 does not appear to have it as a removable option



Control Panel->Add Remove Programs
Click "Change or Remove Programs"
Tick the box "Show Updates" at the top.

In the program list, look for "Update for Outlook 2003: Junk E-Mail
Filter (KB921580):OUTLFLTR

The KB number may vary.

Ron Symonds - Microsoft MVP (FrontPage)
Reply only to group - emails will be deleted unread.
FrontPage Support:


Thanks Ron,
I uninstalled and then re-installed the Sept 14 Junk Mail update. All
seemingly went OK. Unfortunately, the Junk Filter still is not
working. Any other ideas? I had already uninstalled Expression Web
before doing this, could that make a difference?

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