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Aug 24, 2011
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I've built a tool in Excel 2003 that uses a variety of userforms and vba routines. It works fine when I run it as a regular workbook, but I have to share it for work purposes and doing so causes Excel to crash.

Loading the workbook is fine, and the first userform to pop-up, a log-in screen, works fine, as does a second. I previously ran into this problem in an older version of the tool, but adding a routine to hide/unhide a set of columns fixed this (I have no idea why). However, this "workaround" no longer works.

The userform in question reads a good deal of data from the spreadsheet (about 480 values) and displays them. I've followed all the guidelines (as far as I can tell) regarding what Shared Workbooks can/can't do, and the macro isn't violating those. Obviously, since it's a shared workbook, I can't see if the code itself is causing the crash or if it's Excel overall. I don't get the usual VBA runtime errors I would if there was a code/syntax error (they can still occur in shared workbooks, you just can't debug anything), I just get that dreadful "Excel has encountered an error, would you like to send a report?" message and I have the option to restart with my recovered document or just close Excel. Note that this happens with just me on the shared book (no others have the file open).

Any ideas?
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