Shape Visibility Errors in PowerPoint 2007



I created multiple PowerPoint slideshows with PowerPoint 2003. I use these
presentations for quizzes with students. In each of these presentations I
have multiple toggle button pairs which I use on the first slide to adjust
the settings (Each button of the pair is in the same location, with one
visible at a time). My buttons are placed in the Master Slides for
protection. I could click between these buttons for as long as I wanted with
the 2003 version. In the 2007 version the buttons have started inconsistently
freezing when clicked during a slide show. Sometimes they work, but most of
the time after a click or two either both buttons will become invisible or it
gets stuck on one button. Other button pairs will continue to work. For
example I link the following macros linked to a button pair:
Sub ShowAccuracy()
ActivePresentation.TitleMaster.Shapes("ShowAccuracy").Visible = False
ActivePresentation.TitleMaster.Shapes("HideAccuracy").Visible = True
ActivePresentation.SlideMaster.Shapes("Score").Visible = True
End Sub
Sub HideAccuracy()
ActivePresentation.TitleMaster.Shapes("HideAccuracy").Visible = False
ActivePresentation.TitleMaster.Shapes("ShowAccuracy").Visible = True
ActivePresentation.SlideMaster.Shapes("Score").Visible = False
End Sub

I have checked to make sure that the button names and macro links are the
same with 2007. I have tried it in both pps and ppsm as well as using
msoTrue/msoFalse. I uploaded the SP1. I improved the function of the buttons
by moving them out of the Title Master and ensuring that all of the “Visible
= True†are first. The buttons now allow one click only (to the next button),
but gets stuck there. What a pain!
I also have noticed that the student name inputted right before going to the
second slide (by a click of a button) doesn’t appear until the third slide.
The last student name appears on the second slide. I have trying refreshing
the second slide before going to it with “SlideShowWindows(1).View.GotoSlideâ€
with no luck. Is there a better way to refresh a slide or a shape on a slide?
Anyone know why this is happening, and more importantly how I could fix
this? It would be really nice to get this fixed before school starts!




David M. Marcovitz

First, let me say that I am not an expert in programming slide
masters/designs, particularly not in 2007.

Over the years, the way PowerPoint deals with masters has changed.
Through 2000, a slideshow could only have one master. You seem to be
accessing the master in the way it was done in 2000. As of 2002/2003,
you could get multiple masters so you generally referred to the masters
in different ways. You might want to be referring to you Slide Master in
the following way:


Then, in 2007, things changed even more so masters work a bit
differently than in 2002/2003. You can get a little more information
from Shyam's page:

However, that page has a note that says he has not yet updated it for
2007. Maybe your question will prod him to update it. Maybe not.


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