Severed connections in SQL Server Connection Pool


Smokey Grindel

I am having problems with connections being severed that are waiting idle in
my connection pool... right now I have the pool min size at zero and the max
size at 100 (the defaults) pooling is of course enabled. I am connecting to
a SQL Server 2008 Standard edition server, but we have been seeing some
network issues, which has brought this problem to our attention... On
average I have about 20 connections "pooled" but then network hiccups cause
them to be severed so the pool thinks it still has a connection, but the
server thinks the connection is gone... when the next SQL Command runs it
goes and retrieves a connection from the pool that was severed, upon trying
to execute the command it comes back with the remote host forcibly
terminated the connection (of course, because the pool's connection was
severed, so no active connection exists now) how can I deal with this
problem? is there anyway to prevent this? or do I have to implement a retry
functionality to look for the next available connection that is open and not
severed in the pool? thanks!


There is some code somewhere on the web that reverts to a non pooled
connection when max connections is reached you probably want to implement
this into your exception strategy.

However this is obviously not a fix just a workaround as the problem is
obviously with your network.

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