Setup wizard for Dial up network


Roy Halpin

Step 3 of 3 "Connection to xxxxxxx is not a valid
name............Choose a different name.

I went to the area of MS web page that told how to
correct the problem. Reinstalling 2000 ect. I used
repair. It didn't work. Any suggestions?

Roy Halpin
Ft Collins, CO




I had this problem when I lost my boot sector files, ran a repair and chose
fast repair. This overwrote my SP4 system files with 2195 build files and
then I lost the Internet Connection Wizard. Although Windows was still
reporting to be SP4, I rolled back to SP3, had the same problem. I could
not connect to the Internet to try to reinstall SP4 so I did a clean install
on another partition, reinstalled all my apps and transfered my files and
settings to the new OS. If you can download SP4 Network installation and
run it, small possibility that might fix it.

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