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Hi all

Is there any way to use the Condition property of a file I am deploying in a
setup project to not be installed if it already exists in that location? I
can't find any resource that tells me how to use the Condition property that
doesn't sound like rocket science.




Todd Derksen [MSFT]

You can do this with a couple quick steps.
1. Open the launch condition editor.
2. Add a file search by right clicking on the search target machine node.
3. Set the folder and file name of the file search.
4. Change the property to something meaningfull or leave it as FILEEXISTS1.
5. Select the file you wish to conditionally install.
6. Add the condition "FILEEXISTS1=FALSE" or replace FILEEXISTS1 with your
meanigful name.

That should do it for you.

Todd Derksen

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