Setting terminal services options through policies



Does windows 2000 server allows to configure terminal services timeout
properties through groupp policies ?
Not the local policy but I am looking at domain level policy.

I know that Windows Server 2003 allows to configure these properties through


Alan Sterling [MSFT]

Hi Karsudha:

Are these the settings you are looking for:
Under the Local Computer Policy\Computer Configuration\Administrative
Templates\Windows Components\Terminal Services\Sessions folder, the
following settings can be made:

- Set time limit for disconnected sessions

- Set time limit for active sessions

- Set time limit for idle sessions

- Allow connection from original client only

- Terminate session when time limits are reached

Alan Sterling---MCSE
Windows 2000 Directory Services
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Yes Alan, they are the settings I am looking at, specifically I want to
configure the time limit for the idle sessions.

But when I opena local group policy on my DC/member server, I do not see
termianl services option.
I can configure those settings on individual w2k server from "Terminal
Services Configuration ->
Connections -> RDP-Tcp -> Properties -> Sessions " but I would like to
implement this on domain wide server group policy which applies to all


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