Set password for groups



I know there is plenty to read on this, but I havn't managed to find the
answers to this anyway.

I've created a database that's getting more users and therefore now needs
than now needs 3 different levels of access for different users.

The database is created and will be used in Access 2003, but I'm working in
2007. Alla are using the Swedish version, why I may have translated group
names wrong here.

I've used the two existing levels of users (administrator and user) and
added a third (Advanced).
I've set the password for administrator and can log in as that.
But how do I set password for and log in as User or Advanced??

I've set what features different groups should have access too (specific
down to table and query).

If I create userID:s within the groups, how do I choose which group it
should copy it's rights from?


Joan Wild

I'm not entirely sure that you have correctly implemented security. Did
you create a new mdw file, or just modify the existing system.mdw? If
so, then it'll never be secure.

Perhaps you have done it right, so I'll just answer your questions.

Once you set a password for the Admin user, this causes the login dialog
to appear. Just log in as one of the users you put into the Users or
Advanced Group (initially their password is blank; you go to Tools,
Security, Accounts, Change Password tab to change their password to
someone else).

Since you've set permissions to Groups, you just add/remove a user to
whatever group they should be in. You do this in the Tools, Security,
Accounts dialog - select the username in the list and use the listboxes
to add/remove their membership. Everyone is a member of the Users Group.

Joan Wild
MS Access MVP

Star 766hi

I suggest you to set all the users password in Administrator.
as you know, that Administrator has the unlimited rights

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