Server rejects template script request



Hi, I am confronted to a nasty problem: In a number of pages, I have
included an external js script to generate templated data. The script
relies on the embedded javascript library (ejs) library (http:// ). Ejs allows html
to be mixed with <%= ..%> control tags. The ejs templates work w/o
problems on my local machine, but fail on the server. All pages are
xhtml 1.0 transitional compliant.

When the page is rendered by the hosting server, Firebug issues the
exception error: There is no template at ... I noticed that the
template is found when the erb-style delimiters <%= %> are omitted.
It seems that ASP.NET refuses to service the request whenever these
control tags are embedded in the template script.

Question: How can ASP.NET be fooled to render the script (page
declarations, ..) ?

PS: My initial design was based on John Resig's micro-template.
Unfortunately, I had to give it up since it does not pass XHMTL


Problem solved! It turns out that the problem was of type: HTTP 404 -
File not found error. Adding a new MIME (type: text/html;
extension: .ejs) in my IIS hosting account solve the issue.

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