Serious Sam 2


sugar 'n spikes
Mar 5, 2002
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Anybody playing this yet?

MIne arrived today from (only £18.00 from them) and I been playing it solid for last two hours.

Just good, mindless fun, in my opinion, and I'm luvvin' it :D

Much the same as the last two but with new weapons, new monsters, five friendly tribes and a whole lot more corny jokes.

Nettica, your computer/advisor thingie, now has a female voice and sounds as if she went to Rodean and was raised in a quiet Surrey village. Very posh. A bit naff at first, but she gets better.

Same could be said of the difficulty as well, it definitely gets harder as you progress.

So, if you're into lots of completely mindless violence where you don't have to think too hard, SS2 is the game for you.

The graphics are acceptable, but really a bit below par compared to other recent offerings.

And there's a patch available which you'll need if you want to play online. I've installed the patch but haven't tried multiplayer yet.

And I've got so many games on here now, my 2 x 35Gb Raptor drives in RAID 0 only have 12Gb out of of 70Gb left. Definitely time to consider upgrading to two x 74Gb Raptors, but they're so damned expensive :(

What with Quake 4 & CoD 2 coming up, I'll either have to upgrade or uninstall a few games, I guess.

Or I could install to either F or G drives or...... oops, I'm rambling, lol ;)


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