Series Lines Handling of Missing Data



I have a stacked bar chart with three series, and I'd like to connect
categories across all three series using series lines. One of the
series has an empty category, which I'm placing as the last (top) item
on each stacked bar.

There is a nice way to manage how line charts handle missing data, but
series lines don't seem to behave the same - they are all either on or
off. Is there way to use series lines but force them to leave gaps when
plotting the empty cell?



Andy Pope


The Series Lines will honor the zero or missing values.
You could create your own series lines using calculated points plotted
as xy scatter lines. The hardest part is determining the x value for the
edge of the columns. But once done for the 1st to 2nd column the spacing
remains constant.

The custom series lines has the added benefit that you can format
individual segements of the series lines.


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