Separate RIS & DHCP Server



Is it possible to run the RIS service on one machine and DHCP on another. If
anyone knows not only the definitive answer and maybe a place where I can
get an "Idiots Guide" as to how this is setup, I would be most grateful.

Currently we can see the DHCP server give out an address but then the client
comes up with, "No boot filename received"




NIC Student

In our environment we separate the two functions. You still must open a
DHCP console and authorize your RIS server by IP address. It does not need
to have DHCP installed. Remember to add the DHCP helper addresses of the
RIS server and DHCP server to your routers or DHCP relays.

You should look at the logs on the RIS server for clues as to why it won't
respond. Usually it happens when RIS is not authorized. Sometimes the
problem is "Respond to client requests" is not enabled on the RIS server.

Scott Baldridge
Windows Server MVP, MCSE


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