Sent fax looks vastly different

Aug 28, 2007
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So I know from reading up that FaxDocument.Body uses the PrintTo verb.

I am trying to fax web pages. When I Print them normally, or use a PrintTo command (right click -> Print), or view them in any browser, they look exactly how I want them to.

But when I fax them with FaxDocument, they look horrible! It's like it rendered it in a non-CSS browser, which is NOT how the PrintTo verb works...PrintTo for HTML files calls a program called msohtmed.exe, installed by Office; I can't even guess what it's calling when faxing for it to look so wrong.

Any help would be so much appreciated. I am pulling my hair out at this point.

/edit: I think I'm onto something. When I right click -> Edit, it opens the file for editing in Office...which looks absolutly horrible and doesn't seem to understand what a stylesheet is, EXACTLY the problem with my fax. I think if I change the file associations to use the same command for printing and editing (since who edits in Office, seriously) this problem will be fixed.
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