SendObject silent dos not work any more



I have a routine that creates a list of e-mails to be sent out, when the list
is completed it then loops through and uses the Docmd.sendObject to send each
mail (Access 2000). This used to work very well and I have not had any
problem with it until about 3 months ago when it started to send the first
mail all ok, out look would ask if it was ok to send and you said yes and it
was sent and so on, but now it sends the first mail all ok and then it just
loops through the rest with no outlook messages or error messages but dos not
send any of the other mails.
This used to work very well about 3 months ago when I was running XP only!
Then it suddenly stoped working.

I am now running my application on WP and Vista home.

My code
DoCmd.SendObject acSendNoObject, , acFormatTXT, StrAddressFull, , ,
StrSubject, strMsg, False

Can any one help with how to fix this Urgent



Daniel Pineault


Try not to multipost a question. When it is multiposted people are unaware
of answers already given elsewhere.

See the reply given in the General Discussion forum.

Daniel Pineault



Arvin Meyer [MVP]

There are several permissions problems when executing code like this on
Vista. You may have to run with elevated privileges. This may also help, but
I haven't tried it on a Vista machine:

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