I read SendKeys must be avoided as much as possible. And that's my problem,
I don't know any other solution/technique.
Using Access2007
Here what is happening.
I have 2 macro's :
* 1 to recalc some fields (using the sendKey = {F9}) ,
* another to recalculate some fields/dropdowns in a subform. This dropdown
is based on a "parameter-query" which limits the possibilities to be shown
(ie choose the country and show the most important towns in only that
country). Here i use the Sendkeys = +{F9} = Shift+F9)

This actions I put them in either the "on exit" or "on enter" or "got focus"
None of both helps to calculate. If on the other hand I execute a manual F9,
the update works perfectly. When I use the step-by-step option to check, the
steps are performed as "programmed", but the recalcutaion is not working.....

Help a poor (stupid?) boy please...
Thanks a lot.

Steve Schapel


To refresh the Row Source of the combobox, you can use the Requery action in
your macro.

I am not sure what you mean by "recalc some fields"... can you give

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