Sending pictures to mail recipient from CD


Gene Marchione

Up until yesterday, I was able to snd pictures to a
mail recipient by inserting a CD, doing a slide show,
doing a right click on the picture, then send to, then
mail recipient, then clicking downsize photo. After this
the write mail page use to appear and I use to send the
Now when I attempt to do this Outlook Express windo
appears and does not perform the service. I spoke to Aol
rep. who told me to go into internet explorer and set e-
mailing to aol 8.0 from outlook express. I did this
change and now when inserting a CD and attempting to send
a picture to mail recipient nothing happens and outlook
express does not intervene.
I realize there is an alternate way to send pictures
through attachments, but want to resume sending pictures
the way I have been for two years. I don't know why
Outlook Exopress is intevening nor do I want it to.

Thank you ,
Gene Marchione

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