Sending form results to 1 or more email addresses on a drop down m



Is there a way to send a form to 1 or more email addresses based on the
selection a user would pick from a drop down menu?

For example, if I had a drop down menu with 5 email addresses on it they
could pick 1 or more and the results would be sent to those email addresses
that they picked.

If it cannot be done in FrontPage can it be done using basic HTML?





Best solution requires custom script for server side processing - this
will also allow the addresses to be removed from the page and thus
reduce or eliminate spam going to those addresses.
Cannot be done using FrontPage components or basic HTML. You could use
JavaScript to store the selected address in a hidden form field, but
this still requires a form handler other than the extensions.




The FrontPage form handler can't do that.

Basic HTML cant, but HTML with a scripting language can. For example, you
can do that using ActiveState PERL and a free script from "Matt's Script
Archive" called "formmail".

If you are familiar with dinking around with HTML code, making the jump to
using a PERL script is not that far.

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