send/receive button is missing



I installed Outlook 2007 Beta 2. I was having problems sending files, ISP
woudnt support the beta. I uninstalled the beta and reinstalled Outlook
2003. I do not have a send/receive button. I checked in
tools/customize/commands/tools. It is not there either. I have send and
receive set up for auto. But, I can't create a button.

Oliver Vukovics

Hi Truman,

a.) Did you created an Email account? This button is only available if you
created an email account.

b.) Did you selected an email folder? This button is only available if you
have selected an email folder.


I am not sure what was wrong at this point. What I did was go back and
uninstall EVERTYHING (Groove, Small Business Connectivity and Office)
completely, reinstalled Office 2003 and everything was fine, accounts were
already loaded, and my send button was back. And I am no longer having
problems sending attached files.

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