Send email to a email address 7 days before the due date




I have a sheet to monitor the contracts where start and end date of the contract is mentioned in columns i.e. C2 (01 Aug 2012 Start date) D2(31 Aug 2012 End date).

My requirement is that 5 working days before the end date, A email should be sent by the macro to a predefined address with following details

Subject: Contract expiry 31 Aug 2012

In body:
Paste special the column: A2 to E2

My data base looks like -

A1 B1

SL no Name


Sorry, Full post was not saved in the earlier section here it is
I am a novice in programming, hence required the help of expert in this forum. I have a sheet where all the contracts are listed with start and end dates. The date base looks like as follows -
A1 B1 C1 D1 E1
Sl Name Start End Contract Manage Name
1 XYZ 01 Aug 12 31 Aug 12 Mr. ABC
2. FGH 06 Aug 12 24 Aug 12 Ms. ASE

My requirement is a macro that can send an email to a fixed email ID (i.e. (e-mail address removed)) 5 working days before the contract end date with following details

Subject: Contract end date 31 Aug 2012
Body of Mail: Paste special A2:E2 row

Thanks and regards in advance

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