Send button missing




I have problem with windows mail. I am using Windows Vista Ultimate and
Office 2003. When i open Word 2003, choose FILE, SENDTO, Mail as attachment,
after that comes new windows, where i can see attached document but no SEND
button. Default mail program is Windows mail.
I found that if i configure Microsoft Outlook 2007 for an account, then SEND
button persists when i send mail through Word 2003.
Is it possible to send emails as attachments from Word 2003 through Windows

Thank you!

Gary VanderMolen

It works for me when I tried it with Word 2007.
You have to make sure Windows Mail has all its defaults.
Go to Default Programs, which you can reach either from the
Start menu or the Control Panel, then click the first item:
"Set your default programs."
After a few seconds a list of programs comes up.
Click on Windows Mail. To the right you should then see
"This program has all its defaults."
If it has less than all of its defaults, fix it by selecting one
of the two options indicated by green arrows.

Gary VanderMolen

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