Selecting multiple non-adjacent lines of text



Is there any way to configure Word 2000 so that it behaves like Word 2003?

My specific issue is that, while using Word 03, I can select multiple
non-adjacent lines of text by dragging my cursor over to the left margin
until it become an arrow pointing (roughly) to one o'clock, then clicking
once to grab the first line, then holding down the CTRL key and clicking on
any other lines I need. This allows me, for instance, to select every second
line out of a 25-30 line paragraph. When I try to do the same thing in 2000,
though, as soon as I hold the CTRL key and try clicking on another line, it
selects the entire document.

Can anyone shed some light on this situation? I'm about ready to put my fist
through the computer at work - after, of course, I bludgeon the entire
Finance department to death for not approving software upgrades.

Stefan Blom

Selecting non-contiguous text is not possible in Word versions before
Word 2002. But what, exactly, are you doing with the text? If you are
trying to copy and paste separate ranges of text and paste them
together, you can use the so-called Spike. See:

WD2000: Selecting Non-Contiguous Text and Graphics by Using the Spike

If you are trying to do something different, it is possible that a
macro could provide a solution.

Stefan Blom
Microsoft Word MVP

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